My name is Eduardo Vela, I'm Mexican, I work as a security researcher, I am CoAdmin at, I've written a couple documents of programming and security, I like to research about web-security (see more at My Blog and My Twitter), I've also presented in a couple of cons, and won a couple of contests (see more at LinkedIn).

I love playing piano, and programming, my favorite book is The Endless Story, my favorite movie is Across the Universe, my favorite story is The Iron Shroud, my favorite colors are black, blue, orange (in that order), my favorite music genres are classical music and rock (metal + the_beatles), and my favorite song is .

Version: 3.1
GCS/E/ED/IT/M/MU d-@ s+:- a? C++>$ UL++@ P+++>$ L++>$ !E W+++? !N !o K-? w++(+++) !O !M !V PS+ PE Y? PGP t 5--? X !R tv b+ DI D+ G(-) e(+)>+++++ h r(+) y+

This is not art:


The function for each action in life

must be base on free will.

While humans don’t confirm

the freedom of knowledge and will,

they must loop in ignorance for ever.

So this way we will make one question

until de end of times.

Do humanity must be free?

Should knowledge exist uncensored?

Its the only way, fight.

While true freedom is trapped.

With any weapons.

With your bare hands.

To get what is yours

and defend what’s not.